Journal Twenty Twenty is the University of Colorado at Boulder's student-run creative nonfiction journal; celebrating undergraduate voices in creative nonfiction through personal essays, new journalism, portrait, memoir, and much more.

Journal Twenty Twenty is supported by the Program for Writing and Rhetoric at CU Boulder. The journal is printed by CU Imaging Services.



Our Staff:

Frank Kogen returns to the undergraduate world after 25 years of life in the business world and elsewhere. He is now pursuing Liberal Arts and Humanities knowledge which was unfashionable in the 1980s when he attended Tulane as a typically Reagan-era obsessed business school student. Frank was born in Chicago, grew up in Texas, and has lived worldwide, but finds Colorado the ideal spot for an aging Gen Xer to call home.

Sean Anderson is currently a senior studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. A Bay Area native, he will return to San Francisco after graduation to attend the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.  A lifelong love of literature led to him joining the staff of Journal Twenty Twenty, where he served as a business director.  


Taylor Short is a senior majoring Psychology with a double minor in Creative Writing and Leadership. After having lived in Colorado for only 21 years, she will be moving to Virginia to attend George Washington University for her Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology. During her time at Journal Twenty Twenty she served as managing editor.




Kenzie Webb is an average college freshmen majoring in film but thinking about switching her major daily. She grew up in the very small town of Ouray, Colorado (thirteen kids in the graduating class small.) She works in editorial and business for the journal. She enjoys the simple things in life like watching TV, doing her make up, and hanging out with friends.


Sydney Tran is a junior majoring in Psychology, Neuroscience and pre-med. Originally from Minnesota, she plans on returning to the Midwest to attend medical school after a year spent abroad. After a semester in Dr. Jay Ellis’s class Don’t Fence Me In, she was inspired to join the staff of Journal Twenty Twenty as an intern.




 Chloe McGinley is a newly declared english major. She spent her freshman year on track to transfer into the business school, but ultimately switched majors beginning of her sophomore year. She is considering tacking on a business minor as well as studying abroad next year. Chloe is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has never once doubted her decision to become a full time buff. She works on business, editorial, and sometimes art direction for the journal.