Submission FAQs

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What is creative nonfiction?

  • Essay, memoir, true short stories, poetry inspired by real life events, photography, and other types of visual art can be considered creative nonfiction. We also publish narrative journalism, portraiture, and creative nonfiction scholarship. Look at our issues, and you’ll see the variety that fits the so-called “fourth genre.”

Do you accept submissions past the deadline?

  • Journal Twenty Twenty is published in print annually each spring. The fall submissions deadline allows our editorial staff to acquire, consider, and edit pieces for print that coming spring. Work submitted after the deadline will not be considered for print publication until the following year. For example, a piece submitted in February might be considered either for a possible Spring Online issue, or by editors in the Fall for print publication the next year.

What is “blind review”?

  • Most importantly, it means you must remove your name from the Word document you send to us, and it cannot appear in the file name or headers, etc. Don’t worry: Submittable will allow our staff to connect you to your work at the right time.

  • Because nonfiction might have your name in the actual text, please replace any instance of your name with all caps: AUTHOR. (It’s the only time we like all caps.) If your family name might be easily recognized, replace that with MS. AUTHOR’S FAMILY NAME, etc. If we publish you, we’ll of course put your name back in there where it belongs.

  • The first round of review is then performed blind to reduce editor bias. The term “blind” indicates that the reviewer cannot identify the author of the piece, so that the content may be considered on its own merits. If a reviewer recognizes a submission or knows the author, the reviewer will recuse themselves from the first round of review for that piece.

  • When we are finished with the acquisitions process, your name will be reattached to your piece and published.  

Can I submit my work to multiple journals at the same time?

  • Yes; this is called simultaneous submission. However, if your piece is selected for publication somewhere else, you must immediately withdraw the submission from Journal Twenty Twenty through your submittable account--and you can send us an email as well.

Can I submit multiple pieces to you at the same time?

  • Yes; this is called multiple submission. Send us everything you like and you never know: we’ve published more than one piece by one author even within a particular issue--or you could end up published both in print and online.

  • It does help us if you send separately through Submittable for each piece.

Why do I need to withdraw my piece from Journal Twenty Twenty’s Submittable if it has been published somewhere else?

  • Because we only publish original content. You’re always free to publish a piece with us and then send it somewhere else. But by sending to us, you agree to give us First North American Serial Rights. That means you cannot then publish it--in any way--until after we publish it first (whether online or in print).

I submitted a piece last fall, but I did not receive feedback on whether or not Journal Twenty Twenty intended to publish it. Should I assume the piece was rejected?

  • There are many factors that determine whether a piece is right for publication at this journal. As an annual print publication, Journal Twenty Twenty thrives as a cohesive collection of written and visual stories. Sometimes, the editorial staff decides to keep submissions under review for future online or print issues, in hopes that it will find its place among a different selection of submissions to create a well-balanced journal. If you have submitted a piece without receiving a rejection or acceptance message, your submission is likely still under review. It may be requested for publication in a future edition. If you did not receive a confirmation that your submission was received, please re-submit your work here: . If you do publish elsewhere before you hear from us, please immediately let us know and we will relinquish those “First Rights.”

Can I submit a piece anonymously?

  • Though not with us, too many other publications claiming to be nonfiction have turned out to be fiction. Journal Twenty Twenty stands by the importance of nonfiction adhering as close to the truth as reasonably possible, so no, we do not publish anyone anonymously or under pen names. And we do fact check and may contact you for help with that. If it’s how you remembered it, and that’s clear, that’s enough for a reader to know the degree to which truth you--and we--stand by. If other sources might seriously conflict, or if you prefer to write fiction, we may not be the publication for you.

If you have a question you do not see listed above, you may contact us at .